Intermediate Meeting (IT)

Project Coordinator: Veselīgas Attīstības Skola (VAS), Latvia

Project partners:
- Lykia Izcilik Ve Doga Sporlari Kulubu D., LIDOSK, Turkey
- Mine Vaganti NGO, Italy
- SC Psihoforworld, Romania

- Antonella Cadeddu (Italy)
- Jakub Kraciuk (Italy)
- Ander Teran (Turkey)
- Daniela Leiskalne (Latvia)
- Aleksandrs Posts (Latvia)
- Ionel Dermengiu (Romania)
- Camelia-Madalina Vladescu (Romania)
- Andrei Didenco (Romania)

Meeting Venue: Via Capo d’Oro 12, 07100 Sassari, Italy
Dates: 23/07/2021 - 24/07/2021

Announced topics:
- Sharing good practices in educational support of youngsters with dyslexia (an Intermediate Research Report will have to be produced by each partner and brought to the Meeting).
- Discussing the status of project research.

During the meeting were discussed the following points:
- Good Practices with setting the task to create a summary of the collection of good practices. VAS from Latvia, as coordinator, will create a final report on Good Practices under information from each partner.
- Guide. After the meeting in Turkey, all partners will search 3 activities / workshops / methodologies in NFE field focuses on young people with dyslexia. Latvian coordinator will send the final version in English to be translated not later than 31/01/2022. Partners will give feedback to the coordinator. Each partner will translate the guide in national language and send it back to Latvian coordinator not later than 20/02/2022.
- 3rd TPM in Turkey. Confirmed dates 21st – 24th September 2021. 
21st and 24th will be travelling days and 22nd and 23rd will be working days. If the situation due to Covid19 will get worse, it will be held online. In such case the coordinator will contact the NA about the issue.
- Mobility in November. The Blended Mobility should be held in Turkey but due to Covid-19, the coordinator suggested to have it in Latvia since the cases are lower compared to Turkey on that time. Each partner will create a workshop to implement during the blended mobility in November in Latvia.
- 4th TPM in Romania. It will be in February 2022, not dates have decided yet. 
- Travel documents. Each partner will scan and upload all boarding passes and tickets in the google drive. The original ones should be given to the coordinator in the next TPM. 
- Dissemination. Each partner should check the calendar and see when it is responsible for dissemination. 
MVNGO, as the current responsible of dissemination, will share an article as soon as possible. Try to disseminate the project in different events example during TPM/activities.